Which store do you prefer? Publix or Kroger?

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Q: O casnică disperată întreabă:

I want to go to the grocery right now, but I don’t know what grocery to go to!

A: Bizonul american răspunde:

·Publix. Buggies don’t stick!

·Kroger. They have placed a member of staff at the front entrance, to not only greet customers, but also to hand them the monthly sales flyers.

·Publix. Greetings are more heartfelt at Publix! I was promptly greeted by a member of the Publix staff who was standing at the head of one of the aisles. He greeted me, and asked me if there was anything that he could help me with. At first, I thought that I had wandered into a clothing department store. I had never come across that kind of personal attention while visiting a supermarket.Publix Store in Aiken SC

·Kroger. They have self-check out kiosks. Publix does not have the kiosks in every store (they do have them). But it seems like Kroger’s self-check outs run more smoothly.

·Kroger has cornered the market on variety. In addition to the name brand products that we all know and love, Kroger has a broader selection of store brand products which are really quite good. No longer does the stigma of a “No-Name” brand affect the way I shop. I am proud to bring home a Kroger brand frozen pizza, and find that they are often better than the pricier brands. It is also a relief to see that marketers have put more effort into making their no-name brands a bit more appealing.

·Publix on the other hand has a smaller selection of store brand labels. And they seem really generic – more generic than I would expect at such a friendly and “upscale” store. I have also had the opportunity to sample several different kinds of Publix brand products. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Kroger’s variety is just a little bit better than Publix in this regard.

·Publix is nice and all but I’m a Kroger girl deep down, I think I get it from my mom. I love knowing that my spending amount will drop significantly at the register because I’m a Kroger Plus customer. This is just so big to me that I’m willing to sacrifice a few things like cleanliness and variety.

·I prefer Publix. The savings you get at Kroger aren’t much of a savings, since I think their prices are higher already, and the discount only means you’re getting things closer to a price elsewhere. I also prefer the produce, quick meals, cut fruit, and organic section at Publix, and I’ve certainly never gotten expired yogurt there like I’ve gotten at Kroger.

·I love Kroger. Publix is expensive and the aisles are so narrow. They also don’t arrange each store the same way. You can walk into pretty much any Kroger and know right where your item is. Love that. Yay!Kroger Store in Aiken SC

·Hands down Kroger to the bone. I like Publix sometimes for specialty items and sometimes they have good sales but I always spend less at Kroger; and Kroger has self-check out lanes where Publix does not. Most Krogers are also open 24 hrs and all the Publixes I’ve been to close at 10.

·Publix seems to be so much smaller and a much smaller selection. That and I frequently shop at late hours and Publix is never open for us late shoppers.

·I think Publix is more expensive. For things like milk and other higher priced staples, I think this is very true. Yet for other items (canned food for example) my wife says Publix is cheaper. So who knows.

·I think Publix is cleaner and nicer. The employees seem more friendly and knowledgeable. Some of the Kroger checkout boys are downright morons!

·They are starting to remodel a lot of the Krogers and changing the layout – but I still think in general most Krogers are laid out the same way and I never have a problem finding anything like I do in Publix. And yeah, I like Kroger’s 24 hrs as well. My husband and I argue over Kroger vs. Publix all the time. He loves Publix but can’t get out of there for under $300 for two people. I love rubbing it in his face when I get out of Kroger for under $200 for the same stuff.

·I can’t decide which suck more. Krogers are larger, but they are always out of stock and I despise the fact that I have to carry a little key card to get a decent price. Oh, and there are always LONG queues at the checkout. I don’t have time for this. Publix is just small and doesn’t have much variety.Publix Coupons

·I’m a Publix fan. It’s conveniently located in my hood. I like their specialty items, produce, bakery and fried chicken!

·Publix gets my vote though as store is clean whereas the Kroger I used to go to is dark and not aisle friendly.

·Kroger is my store of choice. Publix is always so generic to me and WAY over priced. Not to mention their selection is horrible. But that’s not to say that Publix doesn’t have items/things I like, like their fried chicken or wings. But to me Kroger is a much better store for your regular grocery shopping items.

·Kroger, definitely. I still feel claustrophobic in Publix. Aisles are too tight for me. I will admit that I like their produce quality. On another note, I don’t like going aisle to aisle to find my vegan yum yums. I like Kroger for cheapie deals (got my usual shampoo and conditioner 2/$5 when they are usually about $4 each the other day, woot!) but I also like that 98% of the vegan yums are all in one spot so I don’t have to hunt each item down individually.

·I’m a Publix fan, because they’re usually cleaner and less likely to be out of stock of whatever item I can’t live without that week. I also don’t like the idea of my grocery store tracking my purchases with the little loyalty card. I don’t care if the bookstore does it, but it squicks me when the grocery store wants that kind of data on me.

·Kroger! I like the Health section, especially. I like the discounts at the register. I like the .10 off per gallon when I use the Kroger plus card. I like being able to find what I need. The only con? Kroger does not carry the large container of Duke’s Mayo. Yeah, I like mayo and don’t need added sugar. Once in a great while, I’ll peruse Publix for odd items that Kroger may not carry.

·I can’t believe how many people prefer Kroger. Everyone I know is a Publix shopper. I love, love, love Publix. I feel so much better about buying meats there and about buying the generic, Publix brand products.Arizona Sweet Tea

·Publix for meat, frozen veggies (the best!), and anything that I’m willing to buy storebrand. Kroger for namebrand products (Coke, my specific favorite brand of yogurt, etc), staples, and when I’m broke 🙂

·10 cents off on each gallon of gas at Kroger… THAT can’t be beat!Publix Bakery

·Publix sweet tea is the truth!!

·I prefer Kroger personally. I do like Publix, however, for their baked goods and sometimes their produce is better. I find Kroger’s prices to be better – even when the items I usually buy are on sale at both stores the prices at Kroger are way better. I don’t mind the Kroger plus card. I’m a member of Upromise so I get $ back on certain items, and the fact that they track what I buy doesn’t bother me either b/c every few months they send me a ton of great coupons for the items that I buy frequently. Can’t beat coupons for meat and produce!! Oh, and they just recently built a Kroger gas station by my Kroger too so I get my 10 cents off of a gallon every week!!

·Definitely Kroger! I grocery shop for a living and after doing the math, found I save about 15-20% by shopping at Kroger. Publix generally has cleaner stores than Kroger, but there are some excellent Kroger choices, depending on where you live. Kroger also has more choices and better sales. I routinely get pork tenderloin for $1.99/lb and whole rotisserie chicken for $3.99. Beat that, Publix!

·Here my two cents, I grew up shopping at Kroger so I know where everything is, the prices seem cheaper, plus I use the discount on gasoline all the time. Publix, I like its clean looks, and small town small store feel, plus the staff has always been so pleasant, yes there a limited selection but the products seem fresher. So for everyday things I got to Kroger, but for something special, or just a quick stop I’ll venture into Publix.

·I avoid Publix at all costs. Their house brands are sorely lacking. I guess you could say I’m a Kroger girl. Great house brands, and I come out much cheaper than Publix. The only thing I go to Publix for is the deli and the bakery.

·Kroger. Publix has slightly higher prices, and I definitely agree there is no standard layout, so it can become confusing. I live closer to a Publix, but only go if I’m passing it and just realized I needed something.

·Kroger for coke and Publix for baked stuff.

·Because I am a rabid couponer, I prefer Kroger. First of all, Kroger follows the best practices of ALL retail stores, in that they issueKroger Plus Card their weekly ad on Sunday, as God intended, and their sale runs from Sunday to the following Saturday. Also, Kroger offers double coupons up to $1.00, which makes a HUGE difference in my final bill. The Kroger PLUS card knocks off a dime per gallon of gas when you flash your Kroger card at the pump (my Kroger also has a gas station in the lot), and I find that on the whole, I get more for my money and a bit broader selection at Kroger than Publix.

·Publix is just an excellent retail experience. Everything is fresh and the employees obviously take a lot of pride in working there. Great produce, bread, and the butchers will always break open packages or cut steaks for you on request. Kroger is just sort of there. Their rotisserie chicken tastes like they marinated it in liquid soap, and they don’t have nearly the samples that Publix hands you. Not even a contest.

·Publix makes great subs. But Kroger has a better Deli to get meats to make your own subs.

·We go to both places. I typically check the sale papers for both stores and will go to the one that has better stuff on sale that particular week. In general, I’ve found that Kroger has cheaper every day prices. The bakery at Publix is fantastic though.

·I do both. Publix is always clean, simple, and no “Kroger plus card”!

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