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Welcome to Zona Zoster web log. I’m honored you stopped by, and hopefully you will become a regular visitor. While you’re here, I request that you respect a few basic rules. These ensure that everyone has a pleasant user experience.

If you intend to comment on an article you must use a personal, non-commercial URL or leave the URL field blank. Your URL should help get to know who you are. Commercial URLs are banned, give no information about you, and are considered a form of “trust embezzlement” called Comment Spam.

You must use either your real name or nickname when commenting. Absolutely no “keyword” type names will be tolerated. If it even looks suspicious your comment will be deleted. (i.e. “Extra Income”, “Adults Only”, “Free Downloads”, and so on.)

Absolutely no paid comments are allowed. If you collected a single penny to leave comments you are unwelcome here. If I figure it out, 100% of your comments will be marked as Spam and deleted with impunity.

Do not leave comments if you don’t really have something to say. It’s obvious from the timestamps when someone leaves a bunch of comments without even reading the articles just to be noticed. Seeking-attention behavior will be addressed properly. All of these comments will be deleted.

You must not post any SPAM, links to Spam, Phishing sites, or other harmful content here. Bad Karma will come your way – plus I’ll report every bit of data the server logs maintain on you to the proper (and possibly improper) authorities.

No harsh, foul, demeaning or overly critical language is allowed. Disagreement and debate are perfectly fine, but let’s keep things civil.

Any post found to be in violation of any of these will be modified or deleted without warning. Feel free to seek assistance, and generally treat others as you would wish to be treated.

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Our Disclaimer

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Un răspuns to “Copyright and Disclaimer Notice”

  1. Cristian Says:

    Acest blog conţine 50% idei concepute şi 50% idei preconcepute.
    Pe cât posibil încerc să indic sursele de documentare sau de argumentare, dar fără acribia obligatorie profesionistului. La urma urmei, vreau să mă distrez şi să nu îi plictisesc pe cei care (eventual) citesc articolele.
    Încercările literare îmi aparţin şi pot fi preluate gratuit, dar cu citarea autorului:
    Obligation d’honneur!
    Comentariile sunt binevenite şi vor apărea în măsura în care nu devin redundante şi se menţin în limitele decenţei. Respect părerile diferite de ale mele, dar n-am de gând să mă lansez în polemici. Îmi place uneori să adopt puncte de vedere contestabile doar din curiozitate şi spirit ludic. Nu vând nimic şi nici nu candidez, aşa că nu simt nevoia să fiu pe plac. Vreau doar să vă plac!
    Şi nu în ultimul rând: nu sunt interesat de flirturi şi alte aventuri cu final neaşteptat.
    Fiţi bineveniţi şi… mai poftiţi şi altă dată!

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