(apud Henry Beard & Christopher Cerf. 1993. The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook. New York: Villard Books)


The belief by carbon-based life-forms that theirs is the best or the only possible basis for the development of intelligent, sentient beings.


The assumption that positions and opinions echoing the moderate, „middle-of-the-road” viewpoint held by a statistical plurality of any population are somehow superior to those espoused by minority factions; and the accompanying tendency of the dominant culture media to marginalize such factions by characterizing their ideas as „far out,” „radical,” or „extreme.”

Cerebrally challenged:




Chemically inconvenienced:

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Chronologically gifted:


Client of the correctional system:

A prisoner.


The ability, claimed by some liberals, to fail to notice – or, at least, ignore – the pigmentation of people’s skins.


The lack of talent, studied or real, for recognizing the difference between the speech patterns and modes of pronunciation of African-Americans and European-Americans.


A gender-inclusive, nonheterosexist substitute for „boyfriend,” ”girlfriend,” ”wife,” ”husband,” or „spouse.” But because it is also a nonspeciesist substitute for „pet” or „animal friend,” extreme care should be taken before using it.


A sensitive and positive substitute for such melodramatic, and ultimately demeaning, phrases as „affliction,” ”malady,” and disease.”

Example: The Four Horse Oppressors of the Apocalypse were Nutritional Deprivation, State of Belligerency, Widepread Transmittable Condition, and Terminal Inconvenience.

Consensual nonmonogamy:

Swapping sex partners.


Gender-neutral replacement for „herself” and „himself”.

Cosmetically different:



Discriminating against a person by forcing her or him to provide evidence of ability, prior experience, knowledge, training, or the like, before being employed, admitted to an institution of learning, etc.

Cruelty-free products:

Products that do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Culturally sensitive:

Politically correct.

Custody suite:

A more positive, less judgmental, term for what was onnce known as a „prison cell.”