What’s better? Target or Wal-mart?
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Q: O casnică disperată întreabă:
I want to go to the store right now, but I don’t know what store to go to!

A: Bizonul american răspunde:
Target store in Aiken SC• Target. It smells better!
• Depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the better price and you aren’t overly brand/label oriented in your purchases… Walmart all the way. If you don’t mind spending a little more for a little bit more trend (but still reasonable prices) and a little smaller selection in some areas… such as grocery, hardware, automotive, etc. then Target. To be honest, Walmart collects much of my income. But I do like Target to. And yeah, I admit it. When I’m really striking the bottom of the barrel even K-mart sees a few bucks a year from me. Not sure exactly how they stay afloat, but obviously they appeal to some.
• Target – better quality stuff overall. Walmart is a cheaper, tackier store in terms of the quality of items they sell. Just a small example: look at all the top designers, people whose name is on the line, attaching their name and talent to the Target brand. What prestigious talent does that for Walmart?
• Well some Walmarts are open 24/7 where as Target closes at 10 or something. Anyway Walmart definitely has a bigger selection when it comes to pretty much anything, but Target has better clothing items. Also I would say Walmart definitely has the better deals. Overall I say Walmart, so you can grab some munchies!
• Target! I avoid Walmart at all costs. They’re not even all the cheap anymore because of gas, everyone is raising prices.
• I just can’t stand Walmart – it puts me in such a bad mood everytime I go there. From the people who think the rules of the road don’t apply in the parking lot to the customers who block every single damn aisle to the surly cashiers who don’t smile and don’t go out of their way to help you. I just hate it there!!!! Bleah!!!
Wal-mart Supercenter in Aiken SC• In my area, Walmart is bigger and has many more items to browse at. Target seems to have fewer unique items to look at. But they seem to have somewhat nicer things. Maybe things are different where you are. Maybe things are the same where you are.
• Target seems to have better quality stuff and the store seems to be a bit cleaner and not as crowded. Walmart seems to have better prices on everything and you can find more things there (goldfish, groceries etc).
• If you want cheapness go to Walmart, if you want quality go to Target and pay a little more. It also depends on what you want to purchase.
• Target! It’s cleaner, smells better, and their merchandise is better quality. Walmart is so disgusting, their customer service is HORRIBLE!
• Target is a much better store. It is cleaner, set up better and has a better selection especially when it comes to natural and organic products.
• It is sunday night here, Target is closed. Walmart has some 24 hour stores here. Of course I have no clue where you are, or why you want to go to the store.
• Walmart. They give jobs to people who would not usually get them. I mean, someone just stands at the door and says hi! and gets paid for it. That is pretty darn nice.
• Walmart because Walmart has almost everything there and because there are a lot more Walmarts then Targets.
Target store closing for the day• Personally I prefer Target because there’s less creepy people but aside from that our Walmart gives more contributions to local schools and churches so I like to support them.
• Target: SUPER TARGET! hahaha! I love Target!!!! It has more selections, O.K. prices but still affordable… and yeaaaaaa!!!!!
• Target. So much white trash at Walmart. I’m talking 675 pound tranzies with mullets, haha(:
• Walmart for incidentals, Target for home stuff like sheets, towels, lamps, rugs…
• Walmart, dude, they have a better selection on everything plus you will save money at the low prices, and the people are nice helpers thell find everything you want.
• Target! Hands down! Walmart may be cheaper but so is their quality! Also Target does not get their stuff from sweatshops like Walmart.
• Target for like furniture and nice home stuff, but Walmart for everything else.
• Well I think Target has better clothes, but the prices for everything else is better at Walmart.
• Target they have better quality everything and it’s cleaner.
• WALMART!!! walmart haz evrything and Target duznt support the military!!!!!
• Walmart, it’s a supermarket now too.
• Target, Walmart treats their employees very badly. in my opinion they’re both bad but between those two – Target.
• Target! Walmart is evil.
• Target: I shop there every seconds.
• Target. Wal-mart jipped me one too many times.
Grub's a-comin'!• Walmart is always lower and has more stores than Target.
• Target has higher quality clothes, but Walmart can be cheaper.
• Walmarts cheaper, but Target is cleaner and more „shoppable”. You make the call!
• Target! Walmart is cheap and dirty.
• TARGET. They treat their employees better.
• Go to Target. They have sooo much more stuff.
• I like Walmart, they are cheaper on some things, but I LIKE Targets clothing options better.
Target, hands down!
• Target. Walmart is bad.
• Target. Walmart is OK though. EXCEPT SOME OF WALMART CLOTHES, ugh!
Go to both!
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