(apud Henry Beard & Christopher Cerf. 1993. The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook. New York: Villard Books)

oppression of the differently abled, by the temporarily able (e.g. the stairs).
Acceptional child:
A child with a learning disability. „Acceptional” is an alternate spelling for „exceptional,” coined to emphasize the „special” child’s need for acceptance.
Additional preparation:
A nonjudgmental educational term for „remedial instruction.” The word „remedial” is unacceptable because it „blames” students by implying they have a deficiency which needs to be corrected.
Oppression of the young and the old, by young adults and the middle-aged, in the belief that others are ‚incapable’ or unable to take care of themselves.
The widespread and arbitrary privileging of persons, institutions, and nations whose names begin with letters that come early in the alphabet, and the oppression of those whose names not.
Alternative body image, person with an…:
An obese person.
Alternatively schooled:
Uneducated; illiterate.
Animal companion:
Animal lookism:
The tendency of less-than-fully-committed animal rights advocates to protect „adorable” species, such as bunnies and puppies, while ignoring the equally valid claims of less „attractive” creatures such as rats and reptiles.
The belief that human animals are superior to nonhuman animals and therefore have the right to enslave, experiment upon, and eat them.
Attention deficit disordered child:
A pupil who disrupts a classroom.
Aurally inconvenienced:
Hard-of-hearing; deaf.
A more sensitive term for „suicide”.